Let Your Drop Cards & Flyers Find Targeted Leads


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Drop cards and flyers can be a great way to find targeted leads and targeted prospects if you are careful to do everything within the project in the right way. For those of you who may not know what a drop card is, it is a small card that conveys an advertising message, generally the size of a business card.  Some of the more common drop cards are the 100 dollar bill drop cards and the 20 dollar bill drop cards.  When folded, they take on the look of a $100 US bill or $20 US bill.  Historically they have been used to “drop” on the ground as though someone lost their cash, thereby capturing the attention of unsuspecting passerby’s who ultimately will pick up the drop card thereby seeing your message.  There are several strategies for using drop cards.

Make Sure Your Flyers Look Professional

When it comes to flyers, you must be very sure that everything looks completely professional and that people will really be motivated to take up your offer.

That being the case, it is a bad idea to try to distribute flyers that came out of your home printer.  You want glossy, double-sided, full color flyers that will be effective in drawing the eye and that will also stand up to weather conditions outside such as rain. Of course, flyers will not last forever, but they are most effective during the time when they look good.

You should not expect a huge immediate response from your flyers. In fact, the key to making sure that your flyers have a good impact in the long run is to make sure that it is easy to contact you and get more information about your business when the time is right for your prospect.

There are two great ways to do this. One is very traditional, while the other is new.

1) Pull Tabs: Pull tabs are very effective in getting people to pull off a little strip of paper that will provide them with your name, phone number, email, and perhaps a little other pertinent information such as your website address;

2) Quick Response Codes: Quick Response or QR codes are the large box-like “bar codes” that you see on many different flyers, posters, and other products. When a user scans this code with his or her cellular phone, it provides an immediate link to your website.

The most effective Quick Response code that you can use is one that will link the user instantly to a special, customized video that provides them with a direct “talk” between you and them. In the “talk,” you should discuss every aspect of your offer and what it can do for them.

If you want to go further with this concept, you can also have a fully mobile-enabled website that the user can browse using their phone. This is a worthwhile investment because millions and millions of people use their phone as their main source of internet access.

No matter what methods you use for your flyers or drop cards, they must be colorful, professional, compelling, and attractive!

Tip: One of the best ways to use drop cards is at bookstores!  When visiting bookstores, place your drop cards inside magazines for Internet businesses, Home Based Businesses, opportunity Magazines, Financial and Real Estate publications!  Let’s not forget to check out the self-help section and any sections where folks may be looking to improve their income.


Live Your Dream,

Are Postcards & Direct Mail Effective?

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Many people are of the opinion that postcards and direct mail are not as effective as they once were, but this is not precisely true. It is definitely true that the overall volume of direct mail for solicitation purposes is going down. The absence of “junk mail” has been a major contributor to the poor results that the United States Post Office has been reporting for several years now (although, of course, this is not the only factor!)

However, this conception of postcards and direct mail as ineffective misses a key point:

As the number of different mail items goes down, the impact of each individual item goes up. Since mail volume is down by nearly 50%, you have 50% fewer competitors in the mailbox with you. People sort their mail over the trash can, so the fewer things that are in the mail; the more likely it is that you will be able to make significant money using direct mail yourself.

Starting A Postcard & Direct Mail Campaign

Of course, it is not as simple as developing a generic, “catch all” postcard and sending it out to the addresses that you find in the Yellow Pages.  Instead, a mailing campaign must begin with a highly targeted mailing list that will provide you with direct access to the kind of people you see as your ideal customers.

Free Postcard Report

This is a major undertaking and it is the foundation of all your efforts in network marketing direct mail.  Luckily, there are good ways that you can help ensure that you are using the right kind of mailing list.  First of all, you want to avoid mailing list services that provide you with lists that are “scrubbed” from public records databases.  These are generally old and out of date and they do not provide you with the information you need.

Secondly, be sure that the service you are working with can provide a targeted mailing list that is fresh and exclusive to you.  For example, if your network marketing opportunity has to do with weight loss, you want targeted leads and targeted prospects who have engaged in some kind of weight loss activity.

Once you have the mailing list that you need, then you are able to design the direct mail item that will make a difference for you.  There or several companies such as Vista Print in the market that offer free postcards promotions and designs.  You will typically want to work with an established firm that can point to a history of campaigns with a high return on investment or a response rate over 10%.

Postcards Tip: Every postcard has two sides, so use them!  The side without the address should have the largest and boldest colors and photos.  It should be like a poster.  The address side must convey your offer & contact information.  Make sure you check out my Free Report for more tips!

Live Your Dream,

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Blogging is one of the most important things that you can do in order to further your success in any business endeavor whatsoever.  It is truly the core of your public persona and will help you more than anything else, in the long run, because it provides the backdrop or “ground” against which everything else you do takes place.  It allows you to capture free leads organically for your network marketing business.  But your content has to be right…

Content Is King When Blogging

When you blog, you should start with a strong understanding of the kinds of topics that your leads and targeted prospects are most interested in.  And with blogging, content is king!  I believe you should start with broad topics, and then narrow those topics into sub topics (your posts).  For example, your broad topic may be on the subject of “entrepreneurship” and out of this broad topic brain storm at least 5 ideas or sub topics on what you can blog about on “entrepreneurship”.  Use other blog sites, the internet and other sources like current magazines or news articles to help you come up with your ideas.  In the beginning of writing your post, it’s about making sure that you choose your topics wisely and are writing about these important topics.  You will need to connect to your audience.

Naturally, you want to maximize the level of targeted traffic that you are able to take advantage of when you are using blogs.  Since that is the case, you will want to connect with some form of targeted analytics program such as Google Analytics.

Get Targeted Free Traffic

These programs will allow you to learn more about the topics that are most relevant to your visitors by showing you, for example, the kinds of words and phrases that they use when they are looking for information on your site. Use the data!

Once you have this information, you can do more work to tailor the way you write and make sure that it is as relevant to the needs of your users as it can possibly be.  This is crucial to long term success; since it will help you become a recognized authority in your area of expertise.

Online Blogging Requires Fresh Content

When you are first starting, you must make sure that it is easy and convenient for you to update on a regular basis.  A blog must be kept “fresh” in order to be believable to the people who might find the information valuable.  If it is not updated at least once a week, it can lead to a negative impression of your site.  Blogging is a long term strategy and it will take some time to reap the benefits. If your goal is to grow your list and to have one of the top blogging sites in your niche, you must be consistent and have relevant postings.  You must plan your work and work your plan!

See What Others Are Using

If you have your own hosting arrangements that you pay for, you may find that the WordPress blogging platform is fast, easy to set up, and robust.  You will have to learn a bit about the platform in order to use it, but once you have done so, you will find that it is simple to write posts and even set them up to be posted later.

There are many other free options that you can look at instead, and some of these even allow you to “map” your own .com address to the site to achieve a professional look.

Blogging Tips: Here are some broad topics to get you started (Geared towards the network marketing niche): Entrepreneurship, Network marketing, Internet Marketing, Home Based Business, Wealth Building.  Now go get 5 sub topics for each topic and start blogging.


Live Your Dream,
Get Targeted Leads by Blogging

Most people know just enough about paid advertising to be dangerous.  The typical paid advertising campaign goes approximately like this:

Paid Advertising

Image by sammorstad via Flickr

1) A business owner decides that he or she wants to make an immediate income from targeted leads and targeted prospects who will respond to an offer right away;

2) That business owner goes online to a site such as Google and inputs some basic information, linking it to an offer page and hoping for the best;

3) There is an immediate collapse creating a negative return on investment that results in pain and frustration for the business owner without a single lead or prospect.

And this cycle can go on and on until the business owner realizes they need to learn art of how to do paid advertising.

If you are willing to take the time and effort to avoid the mistakes of the “typical” business owner, then you have the opportunity to truly benefit from opportunities such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-View (PPV -Impression), and other online advertising arrangements.

Target Your Paid Advertising

When it comes to having success with these campaigns, you must be certain that your efforts are laser targeted.  To get the highest level of targeting, you should not develop a single Google ad or other PPC ad that does not go directly to a customized landing page relevant to the user.  If your ad has no relevancy to the end user, you are wasting you time, money and energy.  Most money that is lost within these services is lost due to the omission of this step! But if done correctly and utilizing the right sources you can have amazing results for your network marketing business!  Advertising online is a learned skill and should not be approached in a casual way especially when using PPC or CPV (Cost-Per-View).

It is very important to take any online advertising effort step by careful step. However, this is not the only form of advertising that you can engage in, so a word must be said about classified ads and other forms of traditional advertising.  These other forms of paid advertising work effectively and can be some of the best advertising but are often overlooked by some network marketing business owners.

The key with paid advertising is having the right message at the right time for the right audience (High Targeted Leads).  The two things that you can alter is the message and the audience…the timing is up to the prospect.  What I mean is, you can create a compelling message and learn where to market your message to obtain the right audience, but the right time is all about when the prospect is ready to entertain your offer.  If you do a good enough job with your message you can sway ‘the right time’ in your direction.

Targeted Leads Through Other Methods

Many people are “down” on newspaper ads because circulation is down and some local papers have been closing. This is unfortunate, but if you give up on these ads now you may cost yourself significant income from your network marketing efforts. Why? Because the readers who remain are among the most “voracious” and motivated ones!  Another form of advertising that is sometimes neglected is direct mail and post cards.  I will do a separate stand-alone post on direct mail and post cards as I believe there are many missed opportunities when it comes to direct mail & post cards. But for now let me focus on newspaper ads…

When you write a newspaper ad or a magazine ad, you will be paying by the column inch and will be paying extra for color.  Since that is the case, you should think of an ad as the shortest advertising letter that you have ever written!

Writing a newspaper or magazine ad can be a challenge, but it does offer a less steep learning curve than most internet advertising services.  You simply start with the offer letter that you already have and try to condense it as much as you can, down to 20-30 words. Target newspapers or magazines that you know your target audience reads.  For example, you may want to target ‘opportunity magazines’ for placing your ads as the likely readers of those magazines are opportunity seekers.

Both advertising methods (Online & Print) are worthwhile, but print is best for a beginner, while online advertising requires a good sales funnel and a robust effort to support the advertising. Either way paid advertising can be one of  your best advertising methods!


Use This Free Resource To Build Your Free Targeted Leads


5 Reasons Why Paid Search Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

Tip: Monitor the results of your advertising campaigns; Find ways to track your results.  Don’t just create them and forget about them.   Tweak and keep what works and eliminate what does not work.   Invest small, then scale up on your winning paid ads.

Stay tuned for my next post which will be on blogging!


Live Your Dream,
Paid Advertising

Use the Power of Solo Ads

Solo Ads

Image by seo_kid via Flickr

Solo ads are one of the most powerful ways that you can get targeted leads for your network, but most people starting out do not know exactly what they are or how to benefit from them.

If you do not know anyone else in the network marketing or internet marketing industry, then it can be difficult to get started with solo ads, but you will often find that they can lead you to prospects that are ready to convert nearly immediately if you have your entire sales funnel already set up.

So, we know that you need to do a little work to maximize solo ads …

… but what are solo ads, really?

“Solo ads” is the term given to an agreement where you induce someone who already has a strong mailing list to email their list and promote your offer. Your offer will get its own mention or perhaps even its own entire newsletter with a link to your site. This will help you to capture a very fast “jump” in clicks that will hopefully equal out to a jump in your network marketing business.

Of course, most people do not provide you with space on their mailing list too easily or for free…

Why Is This Working for MLM

You must be prepared to trade with such a person in kind or offer them something of value.  It is not uncommon to purchase these ads – they can start for as low as $5.00!  Clearly, you will not usually be able to get a solo ad from someone who is working on a project very, very similar to yours.  However, if your project is complementary to theirs, then you can use it as the basis of a brief partnership that could raise margins for both of you.

After all, many people are part of several overlapping MLM lists, and they discover over time exactly what works best for them so that they can apply it over a full portfolio of products. When you use solo ads, you do not necessarily have to capture experienced MLM professionals; you can also find people who are simply interested in your bottom line product, of course.

However, the best use of solo ads is to energize another person’s base by offering them something that will build upon those needs and expectations that they are already known to have. This is the key to ensuring that their next actions will benefit both you and the person with whom you are trading.  Then, as your list grows in a unique pattern, you can offer solo ads in return.  Using this form of adverting is very effective, highly targeted and allows you to build your base.


Tip: I believe it’s best to send your solo ads between Monday & Thursday.  Sending on other days may not be as effective as fewer people may open email towards the end of the week and weekends!

My next post will focus on Paid Advertising!

Live Your Dream,
Network Marketing Solo Ads

Free Classifieds & Your Business

One of the most interesting phenomena on the internet in recent years is the rise of free classified ads. These free classified ads sites can provide you with plenty of targeted leads and targeted prospects for your network marketing efforts because they often attract people who fit into these two key categories:

1) People in your local area who can make for excellent targeted prospects because you have the opportunity to work directly with them as soon as you have built up your relationship with them to a significant enough extent;

2) People who are motivated to make more money and are looking for more; and perhaps even floundering while doing it — the kind of people who will feel true gratitude and mindfulness when they are confident they’ve located what they want.

Choose Your Classifieds Wisely

Unfortunately, not all of the sites that are used in the world of free classifieds are considered very valuable or reputable.  You will have to look at several different ones in order to decide what you want to use.  However, you should not impose major expectations upon free classified sites – Just let them work for you passively.

There are several free classified sites to choose from which include the well-known ones such as Craigslist and Back-page.

You can amplify your opportunities by broadcasting your message across several location pages rather than just targeting your own local area, but if you do so, be aware that the quality of targeted leads and targeted prospects that you get may be somewhat lower, as you will not be able to offer them the same kind of face-to-face training that you would otherwise.

Free Classifieds Get Millions Of Hits Everyday

More Free Classified Ads

Image by spuzzlightyeartoo via Flickr

The most important thing to know about these sites is that they are, of course, free, and the biggest ones among them get millions of hits every day and there lies your opportunity to obtain your targeted leads.

But, you will have to refresh your advertisement every day or every few days in order to make sure that it is still available for your prospects to look at.  Be judicious in how you accomplish this, as refreshing your ad too much can make it look like spam and that becomes a big no-no. So be creative and smart when using these free classifieds for your Network Marketing Business.

As with virtually anything you do in network marketing, your advertisement should be a version of your sales letter.  However, although studies have shown that long sales letters can be much more effective than short ones, brevity counts on sites like Craigslist, Back-page and other classified sites.  If your ad is not brief, you will find that you do not get the response that you wanted or expected.  But if done the right way your ads can be a good source of targeted leads.


Tip: Posting your ad excessively and at the same time can cause your ad to be view as spam by most sites and it will be banned.  Have a strategic plan of action when posting!

My next post will cover Solo-Ads

Live Your Dream,

 Why Are These Guys Getting Hundreds Of Leads Per Day?

Get Targeted Leads

Image by thetaxhaven via Flickr

Where are the Targeted Leads…

Starting your own network marketing business can seem like an enormous challenge, but it is one that will pay off immensely in the long run as long as you are willing to invest your time, perseverance and hard work.

Of course, you must also have enough knowledge, and the right kind of knowledge, to succeed.  And it is important to know that your business will need a steady flow of customers in order to grow and prosper.  Without targeted leads it can be a daunting task and if you fail to do the right things at the right times, then you will easily find that the wasted effort can set you back and frustrate you.

Easier Process To Find Leads In Network Marketing

To save your effort and energy, you should only direct yourself toward methods that will work. Anything else is a waste of time. Luckily, there are ten tried and true ways to get targeted leads to your network marketing business. These methods make the whole process much easier!

Here are the Ten Methods to Get Targeted Leads:

1) Free Classifieds: Free classified sites such as Craigslist or Back-page allow you to post short advertisements for free and target them to a local area or industry. Great for Free Targeted Leads.

2) Solo Ads: Solo ads allow you to tap another marketer’s existing email list by making some kind of exchange and getting your site or opportunity plugged. Can be relatively effective because it can be more specific such as who you want to target, i.e. Targeted MLM Leads, but yet inexpensive compared to other paid methods.

3) Paid Advertising: Paid advertising on platforms such as Google Ads or Direct CPV, can help you get immediate attention from targeted leads for your Network Marketing Opportunities if you have the budget.

4) Blogging: Blogging is one of the best ways to build your authority and reputation as well as your prospect list online.  It is often free except for the time you invest in it.  The key with blogging is consistency, and the quality of content you provide your audience.

Get Targeted Leads by Blogging

Image by thetaxhaven via Flickr

5) Postcards and Direct Mail: Postcards and direct mail are methods that are becoming much more powerful now that the overall volume of mail is dropping.  This method is grossly under rated but highly effective.

6) Drop Cards and Flyers: Drop cards and flyers distributed in areas where targeted leads may gather represent a fast way to find the most motivated prospects.

7) Social Networks: Social networks give you the opportunity to amplify your efforts by having your message distributed several times over.

8) Safe-lists: Safe-lists are the industry’s “best-kept secret,” opt-in lists of individuals who are already involved in some form of network marketing or home-based business.

9) Email Marketing: Email marketing is the core of virtually everything that you will do in network marketing and can help you build and maintain relationships.

10) Video Marketing: Video marketing can give you an instant one-to-one connection with targeted prospects and gives you the power to reach out to the growing number of people who use their smartphones as their primary source of online service.

Tip: There is a certain level of skill that needs to be acquired in order for all theses methods to be effective!  It is NOT guess work or Spamming the heck out of people…more later

I will explore each of the ten ways to get targeted leads separately and in more detail with upcoming blog post! Until then…


Live Your Dream,
Getting Leads

Why Are These Guys Getting Hundreds Of Leads Per Day?

What Is Network Marketing

Network marketing is a very straight forward and lucrative business if approached with the correct mindset and the willingness to treat and respect it as an actual business and not as a hobby.

Contrary to what people believe about network marketing, the average person conducts a network marketing conversation just about every day, however they don’t get paid for it – Let me explain with a few examples:  How many times have you eaten at a great restaurant and felt compelled to share your experience about the restaurant? Did you get paid for referring the people you told?  Or how many times have you recommended a store, a cruise to somewhere, an airline, a resort or a product? – But did you get paid for your referrals?   Network marketing is basically something we all do in our everyday lives – its word of mouth or referral marketing.  It’s something you already do!  The difference is the network marketer gets paid and the average guy does not.  Below are 4 reasons to start your network marketing business.

Why Network Marketing

1.      Low Start Up Cost & Ease Of Entry

As a former retail store owner who spent over $150,000 in start-up cost and  who’s dealt with the banks, landlords, employees, vendors and alike, I can tell you that it’s a bargain to get started in network marketing.  You can get going in networking marketing for less than $600.00.

As for ease of entry, generally you will have to purchase a start-up kit of some kind and agree to become an independent representative.  Some basic info is required, such as name, address, telephone number and tax id information and thus begins the building blocks of your business.  Regarding your business structure and formation, it is entirely up to you how you want to structure your business.

Get More Information On Business Formation

2.      Residual Income

This is huge!  Once you understand what residual income is and how to leverage it, it truly becomes a game changer.

Residual Income is income that a person earns on a continuous basis for work that was done once.  Unlike linear income where time is traded for money, like in a 9-5 job, residual income is a revolving source of income for a one time effort and there is really no limit to what you can make.  Once you begin to earn residual income it becomes difficult for one to stick to a linear income situation.  There are many Network Marketing Opportunities which offer this component to their compensation plan.

See my post on Residual Income

3.      Independence & Freedom

The network marketing industry creates more millionaires than any other industry! It’s a great feeling when you can live a lifestyle where you can do what you want to do, and buy what you want to buy without financial worry and call your own shots.  It’s the ability to have a millionaire lifestyle – no financial hassles, worries or burdens. Spend your time as you so desire and live and enjoy life the way it was meant to be.

4.      Tax Advantages

As a home business owner in network marketing you have many tax advantages.  Some of these advantages include deductions for: use of your vehicle for business, business travel, business use of your home, meals & entertainment related to business, business communication, advertising expenses to promote your business just to name a few.  Always consult a reputable tax professional regarding your business tax related concerns and to ensure you are entitled all legitimate tax deductions.

Home-Based Business Tax Deductions: 5 Things You Need To Know

Network Marketing Is…

There is no better time than now to take action – your future awaits you! The network marketing industry is alive and well and waiting for you to take your claim!

I really hope this post has or will move you to take some action or at lease will challenge you in some way.  I’d really love to hear from you!  So take a moment to leave a comment below and share on the socials.

Key: Find a product or industry you are passionate about.

Tip: When choosing a product, consider what the “value” quotient will mean to your potential prospect or customer – The Value Quotient is about the worth, importance and usefulness of a product in the eyes of the prospect in network marketing.


Live Your Dream,
Network Marketing Now


Image by Darcy McCarty via Flickr

Factors To Reach Your Goals

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when you want to establish goals.  Each person is different and has specific goals they want to reach during their lifetime.  It is important to develop a plan that will help you to reach each of your goals, and most important, you must stick to your plan to be successful.  Here are some steps to take to ensure your success in reaching all of your goals.

Ways to Reach Goals:

1. Have confidence in yourself.  One of the most important steps when you want to know how to reach your goals is to be confident and maintain a positive attitude. You have to make yourself believe that you will be able to achieve each one of your goals within the time frame you have set for yourself. It is important to be aware of your thoughts and stay positive. Another way to accomplish this is by spending time around successful people. This will give you more confidence and you may learn some important strategies.

2. Write your goals down.  When you want to know how to reach your goals, one of the most important considerations is to write each of your goals down.  When you establish a strategy for setting goals and reaching them, it is essential to be realistic and not run on your emotions.  When establishing your goals is an emotional issue, you will experience more stress, which is counter productive.  You must also take into consideration your schedule, your family commitments, and establish how long you think it will take you to reach each of your goals.  Reaching our goals takes more than just having confidence and writing them down.  It also takes execution!

You Must Take Action To Reach Your Goals…


Image by Search Engine People Blog via Flickr

3. Chart out a plan of action.  In order to make steady progress in reaching goals, you will need to chart out a plan of action.  Take small, but deliberate actionable steps that will allow you to make progress.  This is one of the most important things with understanding how to achieve goals.  You cannot expect everything to happen all at once. It is a gradual process.  One of the best ways to make consistent progress toward each of your goals is to visualize them.  Visualize exactly what it is you want. This is especially helpful before retiring at night.  When it is quiet at night, you can more easily visualize all of your goals in detail. When you awake in the morning, you are already to start putting your plan into action.

4. Execute and take action on your plans.  You have to decide exactly what it is you want.  When you determine how to reach your goals, put your plan into action immediately. See my post on Taking Action! Always keep your deadline in mind and stay motivated.  This will prevent you from slowing down or procrastinating. It is most important that you always stick to the timeline that you have established.

Sometimes In Order To Reach Your Goals You Must…

5. Access and Adjust.  When you want to know how to reach your goals, it is always important that you are willing to access and adjust.  As you move toward your goal, you will access more information about how to reach it.  As this process continues, you may find that you want to go in a different direction, and your original goal may be something you no longer want.  If this happens, be ready to get out of your comfort zone and adjust your plan to reach your new goal.


Always stay focus, moving forward with a plan of action to reach your goals!


Live Your Dream,
Reach Your Goals

Keeping a Positive Mindset…

Keeping a Positive Mindset

Image by Kevin Lallier via Flickr

Trying to keep a positive mindset is not easy, especially when your outlook appears to be otherwise. And…Sometimes it is so easy to fall into negative thoughts – you know, those doom and gloom thoughts that creep up when things don’t seem go the way we had intended!  

We’ve got to learn to manage “doom & gloom” as they are thoughts that can take our focus away from accomplishing our desired goal if not mentally managed.  We all go through ruts and down periods in our lives which can take on a life of their own and can propel us into a negative direction.  

I believe we should have a positive mindset at all times, but when doom and gloom comes it can be difficult, so…We must make an extra effort to manage our mindset and thoughts especially during those times.  I recently came across a great post that helped me in keeping a positive mindset and wanted to share:

One of the keys to being able to maintain the motivation levels for any project is found in the ability to stay positive no matter what the circumstances are.  Having a positive mindset is not only an asset to any endeavor but also to the individual as people generally like being around positive minded persons.

There are several ways to learn how to stay within a positive mindset always. Below are just some simple recommendations anyone can follow to have positive thoughts:

• The first recommendation would be to start with the focus of the mind at any given time. You are what you think. Your thoughts will normally determine and dictate your mood. Training your mind to only recognize the positive elements in any situation or circumstance is one good habit to follow.

This is because the perception formed in the mind generally dictates the rest of the individual’s response. Therefore if the mind is able to process information in a positive manner then there is a better chance of facing any potential problems successfully.

• Being in the company of other positive minded people also helps to ensure the cultivation of the individual’s own positive mindset. Keeping negative people…More at 4 Tips to help stay positive | standout tall and be counted

You Can Have a Positive Mindset With…

I recently wrote a post earlier this year entitled Mindset For The Best Home Business and in that post I wrote about how to cultivate your thinking and the differences between the sub-conscious mind and the conscious mind.  If you get a minute – check it out. You may also want to check out the post recently written by Ray Higdon on having a positive mindset and staying positive.  The bottom line is, staying positive and training your mind to stay positive; especially during tough times is an important and critical component to acquiring a positive mindset and your success. 

Cynthia Stafford About Having A Positive Mindset & Staying Positive

Live Your Dream,

Keeping a Positive Mindset

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