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Chances are you are reviewing Lightyear Wireless because you are considering this business opportunity and investigating whether or not you want to jump on board with this unique network marketing concept.  This Lightyear Wireless review is designed to help you make that decision.

Who Is Lightyear Wireless?

There is no doubt that the wireless cell phone industry is a huge, mega business.  In the USA alone, it is reported that there are over 280 million people on a daily basis using cell phones or some sort of wireless device, and when we tally what’s being spent on cell phone use and products, the yearly total as an industry is hovering around $180+ billion, and this number is expected to double by the year 2015.  Lightyear Wireless is positioned to take a “piece of the action”.

Lightyear Wireless is a federally licensed telecom company which primarily markets and sells cell phone devices as well as other telecommunication products enabling access to a wireless network of services.  Lightyear wireless offers a unique and innovative approach to the way they market and sell their products in that they utilize network marketing as an impetus to drive the business and also provides for a way for anyone to start a home business and earn from this $180+ billion a year industry.

What Is The Best Kept Secret

Lightyear wireless was founded by Mr. Sherman Henderson and is a subsidiary of Lightyear Network Solutions.  Lightyear Network Solutions have been in business since 1993 and conducts business in its 80,000 square foot world corporate headquarters located in Louisville, Kentucky.  Lightyear Wireless has over 100 employees in their corporate office and their primary mission is to support customers and representatives alike.  Lightyear Wireless is also an accredited member of the BBB and can also pride them-selves on the fact that the company was ranked in the top 20 of Inc Magazine’s list for the fastest growing companies.

What Are The Products Of Lightyear Wireless?

Lightyear Wireless offers an array of products and service plans/packages to their customers.  Products range from a suite of wireless cell phones, to a whole host of service plans to fit into anyone’s budget.  Of the service plans offered, the most comprehensive and popular plan is their UNLIMITED plan at just $59.99 per month.  This plan offers you unlimited talk, text and web in addition to caller ID, voicemail, call waiting and 3-way calling – All this with No Contract, No Credit Check or No Deposit.  As a comparative note, Verizon and AT&T offer the very same package for about $120 per month and you must sign a contract.

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The Lightyear Wireless Business Opportunity at a Glance

When looking at potential companies to join or represent in network marketing, there are certain key elements to look for:

A) The Company – Credibility longevity and alike

B) The Management – Who they are, what they bring to the table, etc.

C) The product(s) – Sustainable & consumable; will folks buy them

each month over and over.

D) The Compensation plan – What is the earning potential; is it worth

your efforts.

When I evaluate Lightyear Wireless they’ve met or surpass all these key elements and this is a legitimate and sound business opportunity.

To become a representative for Lightyear wireless you will need to complete an enrollment form and choose one of 2 enrollment plans. There is the Sales Plan at $49.99, the Gold Plan at $299.99.  Each plan varies in that you obviously get more with the Gold Plan, and as with most network marketing programs, the plan you choose will have an impact on what you can earn.  In reviewing the plans I recommend the $299.99 Gold Plan in that you will become eligible for all commissions right away rather than forgoing commissions and having to work up to certain levels of commissions.

The company provides you with your own state of the art online marketing suite which will cost you $49.99 per month after your initial first month.

Jump Start Your Lightyear Wireless Business

Lightyear Wireless Compensation

There are several ways to earn commissions with Lightyear Wireless – Get More Info Here.  There is a fast start bonus and this bonus is dependent upon your rank.  There are monthly residual commissions – you earn on the wireless service charges of your direct recruits – from about 1% to 10%.  There is a car bonus, a customer acquisition bonus, a matching bonus, a revenue sharing pool, a travel expense account, in addition to the web system monthly residual.  Also as a representative, three equals FREE – when you have 3 active customers you Lightyear Wireless cell phone service is FREE.

The key to success in any network marketing business is the ability to have a system that generates leads everyday – one that duplicates the process qualifies and closes your leads for you 24-7-365 enabling you to leverage your income.

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Lightyear Wireless Review