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Blogging is one of the most important things that you can do in order to further your success in any business endeavor whatsoever.  It is truly the core of your public persona and will help you more than anything else, in the long run, because it provides the backdrop or “ground” against which everything else you do takes place.  It allows you to capture free leads organically for your network marketing business.  But your content has to be right…

Content Is King When Blogging

When you blog, you should start with a strong understanding of the kinds of topics that your leads and targeted prospects are most interested in.  And with blogging, content is king!  I believe you should start with broad topics, and then narrow those topics into sub topics (your posts).  For example, your broad topic may be on the subject of “entrepreneurship” and out of this broad topic brain storm at least 5 ideas or sub topics on what you can blog about on “entrepreneurship”.  Use other blog sites, the internet and other sources like current magazines or news articles to help you come up with your ideas.  In the beginning of writing your post, it’s about making sure that you choose your topics wisely and are writing about these important topics.  You will need to connect to your audience.

Naturally, you want to maximize the level of targeted traffic that you are able to take advantage of when you are using blogs.  Since that is the case, you will want to connect with some form of targeted analytics program such as Google Analytics.

Get Targeted Free Traffic

These programs will allow you to learn more about the topics that are most relevant to your visitors by showing you, for example, the kinds of words and phrases that they use when they are looking for information on your site. Use the data!

Once you have this information, you can do more work to tailor the way you write and make sure that it is as relevant to the needs of your users as it can possibly be.  This is crucial to long term success; since it will help you become a recognized authority in your area of expertise.

Online Blogging Requires Fresh Content

When you are first starting, you must make sure that it is easy and convenient for you to update on a regular basis.  A blog must be kept “fresh” in order to be believable to the people who might find the information valuable.  If it is not updated at least once a week, it can lead to a negative impression of your site.  Blogging is a long term strategy and it will take some time to reap the benefits. If your goal is to grow your list and to have one of the top blogging sites in your niche, you must be consistent and have relevant postings.  You must plan your work and work your plan!

See What Others Are Using

If you have your own hosting arrangements that you pay for, you may find that the WordPress blogging platform is fast, easy to set up, and robust.  You will have to learn a bit about the platform in order to use it, but once you have done so, you will find that it is simple to write posts and even set them up to be posted later.

There are many other free options that you can look at instead, and some of these even allow you to “map” your own .com address to the site to achieve a professional look.

Blogging Tips: Here are some broad topics to get you started (Geared towards the network marketing niche): Entrepreneurship, Network marketing, Internet Marketing, Home Based Business, Wealth Building.  Now go get 5 sub topics for each topic and start blogging.


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