Most people know just enough about paid advertising to be dangerous.  The typical paid advertising campaign goes approximately like this:

Paid Advertising

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1) A business owner decides that he or she wants to make an immediate income from targeted leads and targeted prospects who will respond to an offer right away;

2) That business owner goes online to a site such as Google and inputs some basic information, linking it to an offer page and hoping for the best;

3) There is an immediate collapse creating a negative return on investment that results in pain and frustration for the business owner without a single lead or prospect.

And this cycle can go on and on until the business owner realizes they need to learn art of how to do paid advertising.

If you are willing to take the time and effort to avoid the mistakes of the “typical” business owner, then you have the opportunity to truly benefit from opportunities such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-View (PPV -Impression), and other online advertising arrangements.

Target Your Paid Advertising

When it comes to having success with these campaigns, you must be certain that your efforts are laser targeted.  To get the highest level of targeting, you should not develop a single Google ad or other PPC ad that does not go directly to a customized landing page relevant to the user.  If your ad has no relevancy to the end user, you are wasting you time, money and energy.  Most money that is lost within these services is lost due to the omission of this step! But if done correctly and utilizing the right sources you can have amazing results for your network marketing business!  Advertising online is a learned skill and should not be approached in a casual way especially when using PPC or CPV (Cost-Per-View).

It is very important to take any online advertising effort step by careful step. However, this is not the only form of advertising that you can engage in, so a word must be said about classified ads and other forms of traditional advertising.  These other forms of paid advertising work effectively and can be some of the best advertising but are often overlooked by some network marketing business owners.

The key with paid advertising is having the right message at the right time for the right audience (High Targeted Leads).  The two things that you can alter is the message and the audience…the timing is up to the prospect.  What I mean is, you can create a compelling message and learn where to market your message to obtain the right audience, but the right time is all about when the prospect is ready to entertain your offer.  If you do a good enough job with your message you can sway ‘the right time’ in your direction.

Targeted Leads Through Other Methods

Many people are “down” on newspaper ads because circulation is down and some local papers have been closing. This is unfortunate, but if you give up on these ads now you may cost yourself significant income from your network marketing efforts. Why? Because the readers who remain are among the most “voracious” and motivated ones!  Another form of advertising that is sometimes neglected is direct mail and post cards.  I will do a separate stand-alone post on direct mail and post cards as I believe there are many missed opportunities when it comes to direct mail & post cards. But for now let me focus on newspaper ads…

When you write a newspaper ad or a magazine ad, you will be paying by the column inch and will be paying extra for color.  Since that is the case, you should think of an ad as the shortest advertising letter that you have ever written!

Writing a newspaper or magazine ad can be a challenge, but it does offer a less steep learning curve than most internet advertising services.  You simply start with the offer letter that you already have and try to condense it as much as you can, down to 20-30 words. Target newspapers or magazines that you know your target audience reads.  For example, you may want to target ‘opportunity magazines’ for placing your ads as the likely readers of those magazines are opportunity seekers.

Both advertising methods (Online & Print) are worthwhile, but print is best for a beginner, while online advertising requires a good sales funnel and a robust effort to support the advertising. Either way paid advertising can be one of  your best advertising methods!


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Tip: Monitor the results of your advertising campaigns; Find ways to track your results.  Don’t just create them and forget about them.   Tweak and keep what works and eliminate what does not work.   Invest small, then scale up on your winning paid ads.

Stay tuned for my next post which will be on blogging!


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