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Solo Ads

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Solo ads are one of the most powerful ways that you can get targeted leads for your network, but most people starting out do not know exactly what they are or how to benefit from them.

If you do not know anyone else in the network marketing or internet marketing industry, then it can be difficult to get started with solo ads, but you will often find that they can lead you to prospects that are ready to convert nearly immediately if you have your entire sales funnel already set up.

So, we know that you need to do a little work to maximize solo ads

… but what are solo ads, really?

“Solo ads” is the term given to an agreement where you induce someone who already has a strong mailing list to email their list and promote your offer. Your offer will get its own mention or perhaps even its own entire newsletter with a link to your site. This will help you to capture a very fast “jump” in clicks that will hopefully equal out to a jump in your network marketing business.

Of course, most people do not provide you with space on their mailing list too easily or for free…

Why Is This Working for MLM

You must be prepared to trade with such a person in kind or offer them something of value.  It is not uncommon to purchase these ads – they can start for as low as $5.00!  Clearly, you will not usually be able to get a solo ad from someone who is working on a project very, very similar to yours.  However, if your project is complementary to theirs, then you can use it as the basis of a brief partnership that could raise margins for both of you.

After all, many people are part of several overlapping MLM lists, and they discover over time exactly what works best for them so that they can apply it over a full portfolio of products. When you use solo ads, you do not necessarily have to capture experienced MLM professionals; you can also find people who are simply interested in your bottom line product, of course.

However, the best use of solo ads is to energize another person’s base by offering them something that will build upon those needs and expectations that they are already known to have. This is the key to ensuring that their next actions will benefit both you and the person with whom you are trading.  Then, as your list grows in a unique pattern, you can offer solo ads in return.  Using this form of adverting is very effective, highly targeted and allows you to build your base.


Tip: I believe it’s best to send your solo ads between Monday & Thursday.  Sending on other days may not be as effective as fewer people may open email towards the end of the week and weekends!

My next post will focus on Paid Advertising!

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