YOUnique Wealth Systems ReviewWho Is YOUnique Wealth Systems?

YOUnique Wealth Systems, formerly Joseph Wealth Systems was founded in January 2008 by Phillip Judge, President and Founding Director.  YOUnique Wealth Systems specializes in offering bullion coins in gold and silver.  They are a Network Marketing (MLM) company where their motto is “The Wealth Plan for Every Man”.  YOUnique Wealth Systems has offices located in Panamá City, Panamá and a team of individuals including Mike Turton, CEO, Bill Rowell, European Operations and Simon Heaps, Treasury Secretary.  These individuals are purported to be knowledgeable in the bullion and precious metal industry.

A Look at YOUnique Wealth Systems Product

The product of YOUnique Wealth Systems is savings in gold and silver bullion coins.   The coins can be purchased at retail (gold silver retail shop savings) through a YOUnique Wealth System Independent Business Owner’s (IBO) Retail shop, or at wholesale (gold silver wholesale shop savings) but you must be a qualified business owner to have access to the wholesale shop. The company claims that these gold and silver bullion coins are privately issues and owned by the buyer.  Each gold and silver coin has its own unique number and is deemed as a collectable.  The coins are said to be non-government issued and are privately sent directly to the buyer mint-frest.  Additionally, the coins are sent to the buyer with a certificate of Quality & Assurance from the refiner which is to guarantee weight & the purity of the product.  Also and in addition to the savings portion, YOUnique Wealth Systems offers wealth education.  This is designed and positioned to equip people with knowledge and wisdom to develop their awareness and consciousness of wealth creation.

How Do You Participate In YOUnique Wealth Systems?

If you are only going to participate in the “gold silver retail shop savings” aka “the gold and silver nest egg savings program”, there is no cost to join; the only requirement is that you purchase your product through a YOUnique Wealth System IBO retail shop.  Savings in this program starts for as little as $25.00.    For the “gold silver wholesale shop savings”, you must be a qualified IBO to have access.  Qualified IBOs are those who join the business as an IBO and agree to be on $149.00/month autosave.

Quick Facts on the YOUnique Wealth Systems Compensation Plan

The YOUnique Wealth Systems Compensation plan is structured as a uni-level pay plan and pays on 13 levels instantly.  There are retail and wholesale commissions (50% commission volume), fast start bonuses along with other bonuses such as YOUnique Wealth Systems recognition reward bonuses.

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